Bring home the heat this winter with the Azula Doorstop.

All Ẹlẹwa doorstops feature a removable and washable cover that fits snuggly around our cotton-clad filler.

But the Azula doorstop, in particular, adds a certain spice to our doorstop range and brings home some fire during those cold winter nights.

All Filler No Frills.

A little water never hurt nobody.

With our inserts, you not only get the quality, strength and beauty of traditional cotton but the durability and waterproofing of a nylon tent atop the chilly cliffs of Ẹlẹwa in the middle of an Autumnal thunderstorm.

They fit perfectly inside our doorstop covers, so no need to look elsewhere to get them filled.

Z-axis bias
Zoom in/out scrolling.

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