Handmade Accessories for You and Your Home

Ẹlẹwa [ eh-leh-wah ] - meaning beautiful in the Yorùbá language.

Handmade in the UK, Ẹlẹwa brings beauty into the home with a range of high quality accessories and furnishings.

Although still in its infancy and with a growing range of doorstop designs, Ẹlẹwa aims to expand into creating a more varied portfolio of products.

Having launched in the Autumn of 2022, Ẹlẹwa and founder, Doja Taxidis, look forward to sharing the unique styles and designs they’ve curated through years of experience.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us! Keep checking back to see what new accessories we have for you.

Hello from Doja Taxidis

Ẹlẹwa was birthed back in 2016 when I made my public sewing debut on Youtube teaching pattern drafting. I loved giving back to the community but soon life happened and I fell off track. I needed to pour my love for sewing into something else so I started making accessories.

I pride myself in my skills and I hope that that comes across in each product I hand make. Ẹlẹwa represents me and everything I stand for, so I hope you come to love my products as much as I love making them for you.

Thank you for your support!